Converting Microsoft Outlook Emails to PDF with Pst Reader Pro

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Convert Outlook Emails with Pst Reader Pro

PST Reader Pro is a Windows software app developed by Encryptomatic LLC that allows users to access and manage their Microsoft Outlook email data files in a more efficient and convenient way. PST Reader Pro (also known as PST Viewer Pro) is compatible with all versions of Microsoft Outlook, including the latest ones, and can be used to open and view email messages, contacts, calendar events, tasks, and other items stored in PST, OST, MSG, and MBOX, EML files.

Selectable email export options in Pst Reader Pro include Single PDF file, multiple PDF files, including email file attachments with the PDF, and other formats such as HTML, PNG, MHT, BMP, TIFF, JPG, GIF, XML, CSV.

One of the key features of PST Reader Pro is its ability to convert emails to PDF files. This can be particularly useful for users who need to save important email messages as PDF files for legal or archival purposes, or who simply prefer to have a hard copy of their email correspondence.

To convert an email to a PDF file using PST Reader Pro, follow these simple steps:

Step 1: Open PST Reader Pro and select the folder that contains the emails you want to convert to PDF files. You can do this by navigating to the folder in the folder tree on the left-hand side of the screen.

Step 2: Select the emails you want to convert to PDF files. You can select multiple emails by holding down the Ctrl key and clicking on the emails.

Step 3: Click on the Export button in the toolbar at the top of the screen. This will open the Export wizard.

Step 4: In the Export wizard, select PDF as the output format. You can also choose amongthe other export functions as well. In addition to PDF, Pst Reader Pro supports many other target formats as well.

Choose the location where the PDF files will be saved.

Pst Reader Pro can convert thousands of emails in a single operation. For larger tasks, step up to MailDex, another software app by Encryptomatic LLC that integrates an email indexing engine and is capable of converting larger batches of emails to PDF and other formats.

For more information on PST Reader Pro, download the 15 day free trial. If you have any questions, contact Encryptomatic LLC support, or post your question here.

Bypassing Microsoft Outlook’s PST Password Protection

Back in the early days of the internet, encryption was banned, leading to weaker methods of protecting files. Unable at the time to protect Outlook PST files with encryption, Microsoft used a password protection scheme. It was basically no encryption at all, but if a password existed, Outlook wouldn’t let you open the PST file to view the emails inside.

For your convenience, our PST/OST viewer software bypassing this extremely weak protection scheme, which is just slightly better than zero protection, but not much better than that. Microsoft practically admits this on their support website.

There are lots of legit reasons to bypass PST password protections. Perhaps you forgot the password. Perhaps the computer is shared. Maybe the PST file has historical significance to an organization. Whatever the reason, Pst Reader Pro can by bypass it.

To do this, simply open the PST or OST file in Pst Reader Pro. The password is ignored, and the email content becomes available to you.

Pst Reader Pro (also known today as Pst Viewer Pro) is available to use on a 15 day free trial. Give it a try and see if its a good fit for your software toolbox.