How To Read .PST Files Without Outlook.

“Is there a way to read Outlook .pst E-Mails even if I don’t have Microsoft Outlook?”

The answer to that questions is yes. There are Windows software applications called Pst Readers that can provide some of the functions of Microsoft Outlook, such as viewing and searching .pst files. There is a wide variety of quality in Pst readers.

The lower end free .pst reader’s don’t provide many advanced features. Their code is often unsigned, meaning that it could unsafe or forged. Often the free .pst readers are not free at all, but serve as advertisements for expensive .pst repair software. We have even logged an incident when a free .pst reader was interrupting our work, insisting that we needed to buy expensive pst repair software, when actually the .pst file was fine. Having disreputable companies in this software category means that users should seek out a trustworthy companies that a) sign their software, and b) state upfront who they are.

PstReader Pro is a software application for reading Outlook .pst, .eml, .ost and .msg email messages. Since 2006, the developer Encryptomatic LLC, has developed and supported this software. The download is codesigned, and always checked against dozens of anti-virus software programs to make sure it is safe.

With Pst Reader, users can search and filter E-mail messages to discover those that are important to project. Replying and forwarding to E-Mails is also possible. Outlook E-Mails may be converted to PDF, Mbox, CSV and other useful formats.

While free software is a great idea, on the internet nothing is truly free. With Pst Reader Pro, you know up front what you are getting, and you will not have to sacrifice your privacy or put up with advertising or aggressive sales tactics. If at the end of your free trial of Pst Reader Pro you do not wish to continue, simply uninstall it. The software is easily removed. No data is collected, and no software is left behind on your system.

Get started reading your Outlook .pst files with Pst Reader Pro. Download a free trial. If you have any questions, we are always here to help. Contact us using the live chat button.

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