Bypassing Microsoft Outlook’s PST Password Protection

Back in the early days of the internet, encryption was banned, leading to weaker methods of protecting files. Unable at the time to protect Outlook PST files with encryption, Microsoft used a password protection scheme. It was basically no encryption at all, but if a password existed, Outlook wouldn’t let you open the PST file to view the emails inside.

For your convenience, our PST/OST viewer software bypassing this extremely weak protection scheme, which is just slightly better than zero protection, but not much better than that. Microsoft practically admits this on their support website.

There are lots of legit reasons to bypass PST password protections. Perhaps you forgot the password. Perhaps the computer is shared. Maybe the PST file has historical significance to an organization. Whatever the reason, Pst Reader Pro can by bypass it.

To do this, simply open the PST or OST file in Pst Reader Pro. The password is ignored, and the email content becomes available to you.

Pst Reader Pro (also known today as Pst Viewer Pro) is available to use on a 15 day free trial. Give it a try and see if its a good fit for your software toolbox.